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Owl Rusty Bird

Owls come in many types and sizes, but our nature-inspired owl metal garden art displays all of their most distinct features! The design includes their round face, large body, piercing eyes, and diamond-shaped nose. This captivating design is a stunning piece of artwork to display anywhere in your home or outdoor space. The Owl is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. It would be the perfect accent for a nature-inspired study or other room in your home! This metal garden art would also make a beautiful gift for the owl lover in your life! Owls are unique birds with a few interesting defining features. First, their heads can rotate up to 270 degrees! Also, their feet are “zygodactyl” meaning that they having claws facing both forwards and backward on each of their feet.

Dimensions: 7.2" tall x 5.7" wide.

Made in United States of America

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