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Mediterranean Apple 15'' Bowl


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or call: 734-761-1110
This beautiful hand painted bowl featuring juicy apples has been offered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the Cezanne exhibition, and is a long-time favorite with collectors. Each Apple is made with 6-8 layers of paint so they look like you can pick them from the bowl. Fill often with your favorite fruits and greens. Please allow for some variation in the composition of the design to accommodate the bowl size.
  • Bowls are hand turned maple, heirloom quality for a lifetime of celebration.
  • Bowls have been sealed 8 times with a non-toxic water-based clear for a lifetime of daily use.
  • Hand wash, soap and water. No dishwasher or microwave.
  • Bowls can be used for fruit, pasta, potato and green salads with your favorite dressing. Balsamic, olive oil and lemon can all be used! 
style="float: left;">"Our heirloom bowls are a cheerful addition to any home, inviting shared times around the table. Seeds of love and possibility are in each bowl we create.  As a young mother and artist, I was searching for something that could incorporate my love of art and the home—and create a way for me to stay at home with my son. I never imagined that these bowls would one day be offered around the world. No business plan, just love in a bowl, and 20 years later we are more celebrated than ever. The magic is not just in the creation of each bowl, but about what happens in and around it. Savor, slow down, eat well, love life. I still live on my little one lane road where we create the bowls, one by one, in my studio. My son has grown up, while he is adding his own goodness to the world, the UPS truck still picks up daily, bringing our creations to you and yours. Thank you for being part of our journey. Soli Pierce, Sherwood Forest Design".