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Large Windowsill Vase

Color/Pattern: Aqua/Vert Stripe

Price:  $ 64.00 
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A unique flattened flower vase that will fit perfectly on a windowsill or other tight spaces. Hand thrown on a potters wheel by me and altered. Perfect gift for a housewarming or wedding.

The vase is decorated with a dimensional pattern. Wax resist is applied by hand and the result is the white pattern embedded in the matte glaze. 

Aqua/Weave: 11.75"wide x 3.5"deep x 2.5"high
Blue/Flow: 6.5"wide x 2.5"deep x 4"high
Aqua/Vert Stripe: 8.5"wide x 3.25"deep x 4.75"high

  • Lead and Barium Free.
  • 100% Handmade.
  • Avoid sudden and drastic temperature changes.  
  • When baking with pottery, avoid preheating oven.  
  • Put pottery in cold oven and let it heat up slowly during preheat.
  • Never use pottery on stove top or over open flame.

"It seems like I've always been making pottery. The first pinch pot I made in Kindergarten is sitting on a shelf next to some pots I made a few weeks ago. It's always been a part of my life". - Autumn Aslakson (Ann Arbor, MI)