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Large Lattice Tile in Red/Green


This large 8×8 tile design features a pattern reminiscent of quilting and is glazed in shades of green and coral red. A red glaze border frames the tile, and the back of the tile is notched for ease of hanging.

The tile design was initially drawn on paper and then hand-carved into plaster before making a series of rubber and plaster production molds. Each tile is RAM-pressed and finished by hand. After a bisque firing to 1900 degrees, each section of the tile is carefully glazed using a bulb syringe before the final glaze firing to 2150 degrees.

All tiles are suitable for hanging as art tiles, or they can be installed as part of a backsplash or fireplace surround.

Size: 8″ wide x 8″ tall

The clay and glazes are lead-free and food safe.

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