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Gardeners Hand Soap

 SallyeAnder Gardener's Hand Soap With Bag Quantity Single Bar; If you need it clean - just say 'Gardener's Hand!' BIG chunky bars last and last! Try it on your toughest clothes stains. Also, and excellent hand scrub for mechanics, gardeners and kids! So unique, others try to copy it! Get two chunks - one for the laundry room and one for the sink. It's made from a blend of all our soaps and cornmeal, so there's nothing harsh to worry about! If it is washable, you can 'Gardener's Hand! it! Rich in glycerin so it won't dry your skin nor harm clothing. Gets out: grass stains, food stains, bubble gum, blood, pitch, grease, grape juice, set-in mildew, printers ink, etc! The colors in the soap itself reminds us of sunflowers.

Net wt 6 oz. Each bar sold separately.