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Fold Down Yellow/Char Crossbody Bag


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The Fold-Down crossbody bag is great for keeping items protected from the rain, traveling or keeping a few small items secure and out of the way.

Adjustable 3/4" strap adjusts to fit most. Features a railroad denim-striped lining with one exterior pocket with snap closure and two small pockets inside.

3.5"x7" base, 11" wide at the top and 8.5" tall when folded down. 

"I don't remember when I learned to sew. It was when I was very young, to be sure. My dad ran a canvas shop (making mostly custom boat covers and tents) out of our basement, and later a shop behind our house. The first year I worked for him I earned $ 4 an hour, each year afterwards I earned a dollar an hour more. Dad says that every time I got a new hobby I'd make a new bag for myself to carry all of my supplies. 

As an adult I started designing quilts, clothes, and bags as a way to step away from the computer at the end of my work days as a graphic designer. 

I hope my bags are useful and beautiful items that will last you for many years. It's my pleasure to make one for you". -Nick Wheeler, Founder Wheeler Bag Co.