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DNA Skateboard Necklace


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The DNA Necklace has a delicate and kinetic quality. Each one-of-a-kind necklace captures our individuality, while also acknowledging how much we share with the people around us. A brass tube passes through a scaled down bar-pendant of recycled skateboard wood, hanging from an ornate, adjustable 18" gold-filled chain. Each necklace will be a new combination of colorful stripes. 

  • We are skateboarders from Portland, Oregon USA.
  • We make jewelry and accessories out of recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste.
  • We are fueled by our passion to give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint.
  • We believe in hard work, quality over quantity, and good people.

“Skateboarding helps you look at the world differently. Suddenly, parking curbs and empty pools are treasures, and a piece of plywood on wheels is your diary. We take pride in being the original creators of recycled skateboard jewelry, but at the end of the day, we owe all the credit back to skateboarding for the way it has opened our eyes to potential in what others consider garbage. Thank you skateboarding.” —Lindsay Jo Holmes Owner/Founder of MapleXO