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Coffee Scoop

Wooden Coffee Scoop are laser cut-out. The scoop itself is measured for 1 tbs of ground coffee or beans level across the top, with a slot to keep your coffee bag sealed. These coffee scoops are sold individually. Made by G3 Studios of Interlochen, MI"As a child, I was obsessed with objects and I constantly asked how and why they were made the way they were. I took things apart, examined the individual parts, and evaluated their qualities. Investigating the process taught me how things worked together to create a functional whole.

During Junior-year shop class, I discovered that by using tools and machines, I could transform raw materials into useful, appealing objects. My fascination with design and working with machines would later translate to a college job at a tool and die shop. I earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree and entered the workforce. For twenty years I worked as an engineer in the automotive industry. Over time I became detached, almost clinical in my involvement with materials and design. I had become distanced from the hands-on creation process that I loved.Then one day, I was refinishing wood stairs in my home and I again felt the joy of working with wood, metal and my hands. As I dusted off the equipment in the shop, I began to think about all the things I could make. The list hasn’t stopped growing.We create our products using natural woods from FSC approved suppliers around the world. Chosen for their texture, strength, beauty, complexity, dimension, and simplicity, the unique characteristics of wood is the source of our inspiration.” - Gregg Palm of G3 Studios - Engineer, Artist, Woodworker and maker of custom wood gifts.