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Cardiologist Puzzle


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Can you fit all the pieces into the base?  An attractive, challenging, and fun puzzle created to honor this profession.  The pieces show scenes or items associated with an Cardiology.  They are finely detailed and laser cut from ¼” thick wood.  There will be at least 4 different woods used in each puzzle and each puzzle will be a little different as we will mix up the woods.   Pieces include Gauze Scissors, Holter Monitor, Blood Bag, Scalpel, Stethoscope, Ultrasound Headpiece, Blood Pressure, Needle, EKG, and more. Original artwork by Alexandra Plummer.   Measures about 7.5 inches square in the base with cover.  Made in the Creative Crafthouse Floridia workshop. Not intended for children under 8 as it has small pieces and it is also very difficult to solve.  Comes with a written solution.