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Blue Terrazzo Sol Planter

The Sol Planter is definitely the flagship product of the Sol collection. Its feature sun shape allows you to face your planter in many ways, depending on the type of foliage you choose and the way you want to display it. 

1. If you choose to expose the sun-rising side, a sanseveria cylindrica would work perfectly to reveal the pot's unique shape.
2. If you decide to turn the pot the other way round, the background can be great to enhance a plant's interesting feature, such as the bulb of the sinningia bullata or to frame a low or draping plant such as peperomia watermelon.
3. Or pop two on their side with books in-between, boom...bookends!

Each planter is designed with a tray so that you can pot directly into the planter and know that your plant is still experiencing proper drainage. 

Designed in Australia by Bianca Lambert and Juliette Gambert. These planters are skilfully hand-made. Irregularities in colour and pattern of each finished product are evidence of the careful hand-made process. The planter you purchase will look similar to but will not be identical to the one photographed.

14cm X 14cm X 18.5 cm