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Apple Fruit Bowl

This bowl with a carved apple design in the bottom is a perfect size for salad, soup, or pasta.  The bowl is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

The original bowl was thrown on the potter’s wheel and then cast to create a master mold. The design was drawn on paper and then hand-carved it into plaster before making a series of rubber and plaster production molds. Each bowl is RAM-pressed and finished by hand. After a bisque firing to 1900 degrees, each section of the design is carefully glazed using a bulb syringe before the final glaze firing to 2150 degrees. All work is made of stoneware clay.

Size: 6″ diameter

The clay and glazes are lead-free and food safe.

Made by One Acre Ceramics in Milan, Michigan. Thomas Gelsanliter began working with clay in the 1990s in Alexandria, VA and received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He worked as a moldmaker as well as a production manager at Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor, MI for nearly 9 years. Thomas’ designs are influenced by historical furniture, industrial plate ware, architecture, and classic Arts & Crafts and folk art iconography.Sarah Gelsanliter has been working with clay since 1992. She worked as a production potter at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan for 10 years. She has taught ceramics classes and workshops at Yourist Studio, Pewabic Pottery, and the Ann Arbor Art Center. Sarah spent a year living in Japan, visiting studio potters throughout the country, and traveling to Korea, China, and Thailand. Her work is influenced by Asian art, Japanese brushwork and Arts & Crafts design.