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14x72 Plant Dyed Silk Scarf

These beautiful, lightweight scarves will dress up any outfit with natural charm. Their colors come from all-natural plant dyes and the leaf prints come from the pigments in the leaves themselves! Each scarf is a unique snapshot of nature, and the pattern will never be repeated twice. Sure to please any nature lover, eco conscious consumer, or anyone who loves wearable art.

All colors are permanent and washable so it will look beautiful for years to come. Created by using natural dyes, including  madder root dye,  real alder, Japanese maple, and wild geranium leaves.

The process of printing fabric with real leaves is known as "eco printing" or "botanical dyeing." No inks, dyes or pigments were used to create the vivid colors of the leaves. 

This scarf is a type of 100% silk called silk charmeuse. It is very soft and has a beautiful shine on the front side, while the back is matte. Colors and leaf prints show on both sides, though leaf prints are strongest on the front.

Each is uinque. You will receive a scarf similar to the one shown, but not necessarily the scarf shown in the photo.

14" x 72"in size

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