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Handmade Woven Messenger Bag


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These bags are simply amazing. Each is a unique combination of colors and pattern. The length and width of the strap varies, as does the inner lining fabric which is chosen to compliment each bag. We have chosen to take photos of each design, both front and inside to show the lining.  When ordering, please include a description of the bag you'd like, or contact us after placing your order. We will remove images as they sell, so the designs shown here are still available for purchase. Each is hand woven by clients of Rainbow Rehab of Ypsilanti, MI. Since 1983, Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers has provided quality care and therapeutic rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. Rainbow’s atmosphere of mutual trust and respect allows us to attract and retain quality, caring staff through every level of the organization.Rainbow has a commitment to being an industry leader in brain injury rehabilitation and spinal cord injury rehabilitation by training and investing in people through ongoing training, recertification programs and continuing education. This dedication to their staff confirms the commitment they have to provide the highest level of care to the clients they serve.Returning to work is a goal for many people who have been injured. Pursuing vocational rehabilitation can make all the difference, particularly when cognitive functions or physical abilities are altered.Serving adults with brain and/or spinal cord injuries, the Ypsilanti Treatment Center features more than 25,000 square feet of treatment space, modern therapy equipment, a fully equipped fitness center, therapeutic spa, sauna and indoor pool, greenhouse, woodworking center and much more. To find out more about Rainbow Rehab visit