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Paint Brush Pen

This clever water brush is a great companion to the Viviva Colorsheets. Both are wonderfully compact and portable for the painter or sketch artist on-the-go. 

They are easy To Use And Control. Just Unscrew The Watercolor Paint Pens' Barrel To Add Water Or Ink, And Push The Barrel To Easily Control The Ink Or Water Flow; Please Make Sure The Water Is Less Than 2/3 Of The Pen'S Volume When Filling Water Into The Pen. Great for different Types Of Water Drawing Pen Can Help You Finish A Fine Artwork, You Can Draw The Finest Line Or Color Large Lines, Blend Colors And Create New Shades, A Hollow Plastic Pen That Can Be Filled With Water For Solid Or Powdery Pigments, Use With Watercolor Crayons, Markers And Watercolor Pencils. 

Size: 6" long with cap on, or about 15Cm In Length And 1Cm In Diameter