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Michigan Wooden Postcard (single)


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These Xplorer Maps Michigan wooden postcards are equally beautiful and environmentally friendly as well as 100% MAIL-ABLE! Proudly made in the USA, they are constructed of sustainable Birch wood and boast a full color front featuring exclusive Xplorer Maps art. 

These Michigan wood postcards measure 6 1/4" wide by 4 1/4" tall and are sold individually

Xplorer Maps began because two brothers were passionate about making a connection between beautiful, unique artwork and the Montana mystique. Artist and co-founder Chris Robitaille began creating similar antique-style maps in the late 1990s while living in Kenya. Over the past 15 years, Chris and his brother, Greg (Xplorer Maps president and co-founder) have continually refined their vision of using these incredible “story maps” with the opportunity to help local communities raise awareness for conservation and wildlife around the world.