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Save Your Ass Puzzle


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You are given a circle of 10 animals.  Your goal is to save the donkey (or you can pre-select your own animal to save) by having it be the last remaining animal on the board.


-Start on any animal and count 1,2,3,4 in one direction touching an animal each time and going from one animal to its clockwise neighbor.  Include the animal you started with in the count.

-Remove the animal you touch on count 4.

-Start again on any animal and repeat the 1,2,3,4 count - removing the animal you touch on the 4 count.

-When counting you must include each circle whether it contains an animal or not.

The GOAL is to end up with 1 animal on the board- The DONKEY - or if you prefer you can specify your chosen animal at the start of the game

 This is a lot harder than it may first appear, but if you can figure out the logic behind the moves you will be able to solve it every time regardless on where the Donkey is first positioned.  I don't show the solution on the video, but a written solution does come with the puzzle.

 Comes with wood base and cover.  Copyright Creative Crafthouse

My thanks to Alan Jackson of Cardiff UK for his help in developing this puzzle which was based on card trick from a 1960’s Magic book. Handmade in Florida by Creative Crafthouse.