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Executive Decision Maker


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or call: 734-761-1110

Ask the Decision maker a question, then lift the pendulum and let it go.... the Decision maker will tell you the answer! The pendulum will sway back and forth and then mysteriously point to the correct answer.

This model is laser engraved with 5 possible answers:  Are you kidding Me?!   ; No WayNot gonna happen;     Forget It!   and Maybe

Perfect Item for that special boss (with a sense of humor....:))

We embedded 5 magnets into the hardwood base and there is a magnet embedded in the pendulum. The magnets cannot be seen, only wood surfaces are visible. The bottom (as shown in photo below is felt lined so it will not damage desktops or hardwood surfaces.

Comes nicely packaged; you will need to assemble one screw (included) to attach the arm
and then you're ready to go!  Measures about 8" x 4" x 6" high when set up.