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SS Bracelet BS-11


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A handmade bracelet made of sterling silver by Rishar Miranda.

Size: 7" 7/8 x 11/32" x 3/16"

         20 cm x 9 mm 4.5 mm
Material: Sterling silver. Cast and fabricated.

Rishar Miranda is one of the original founding members of 16 Hands when it was an artist cooperative in the mid to late 70s. Of his own work, the artists writes:

"I have no assistants and all of the elements of my jewelry are handmade by me. Most of my work is one of a kind. My jewelry is constructed in a combination of silver and  gold, set with precious and semi precious gemstones. I utilize many different techniques in my work, including  fabrication, casting, forging, stamping, chasing and reticulation. Hopefully, the end result is a unique and exciting piece of wearable art. The majority of my work are rings, one of a kind. They are large statement pieces. I like to call them Sculpt- Rings. No two rings are alike. They are like mini wearable sculptures". - Rishar Miranda, Lake Worth, FL