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Mini Moon Phase Necklace


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There is something so mystical and magical about the imagery of the phases of the moon. Perhaps it's the fact that the moon has impact on our ocean tides as well as life on this planet. Maybe its because no matter where we are on earth, we are all looking at the same moon. There's something really beautiful and comforting in that idea.

Each pendant is cast in solid sterling silver from an original hand fabricated model

The Moon phase design measures approx. 7/8" x 1/4"

Comes with a 16" sterling silver chain with spring ring closure

Each moon phase pendant is uniquely hand hammered to give a finish that is reminiscent of the face of the moon

The back of the face of the moon phase plate is oxidized to imitate the night sky and give contrast to the piece.

No two necklaces are the same!

Ivy & Gold Handcraft is a collection of limited production and one of a kind jewelry pieces. Each piece is carefully handcrafted utilizing a variety of materials including, sterling silver, brass, gold, enamel, and semi precious stones. Ivy & Gold Handcraft features jewelry inspired by antiquity, culture, and everyday simplicity.