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We've carried the amazing jewelry designs of Ayala Bar at 16 Hands for many years. Each season brings a fresh new combination of colors, textures and patterns - the joy and brilliance of this line. Materials and ear wires are all lead-free and hypo allergenic.

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Enjoy yourself browsing the colleciton and  coordinating sets. If you have any questions, or would like suggestions, please contact us. We love her work, and are always happy to help.

"My main source of inspiration has always been the materials themselves rather than ideas that come from within. I have always been drawn to jewelry as a form of expression and, given that I have stayed involved in several fields of creativity at once, the area of collage came naturally to me. “Matchmaking” materials is what I love to do: testing contrasts, colors and textures and how they interact together". - Ayala Bar

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Bahia Moon Ring


Como Guinivere Necklace


Kariba Lima Bracelet


Laguna Kim Earrings


Laguna Present Earrings


Rhine Annora Earrings


Rhine Antonia Earrings


Rhine Blanche Necklace


Rhine Casia Necklace


Saga Blair Earrings


Saga Milky Way Necklace


Volga Birdie Earrings


Volga Spring Necklace


Volga Sunset Necklace