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Pewter 6oz Tumbler/Wine Cup

The Danforth Pewter Tumbler is a charming little cup that is ideal for enjoying a fine spirit. The base of the Tumbler is designed to let the cup tilt and pivot, so you can naturally agitate your drink, releasing complex aromas. Even though it tumbles, it is still very stable and it won't fall over! The perfect wine cup for a little swirl. 

You may be wondering, Is pewter safe to drink from? Yes, and it's excellent for cold drinks. Pewter retains a pleasant chill and traps in a liquid's coldness, making it perfect for a cold beer, wine, and iced drinks like mint juleps. Many people who have tried sipping out of pewter barware now swear by it.

Please note it is not advisable to drink hot drinks out of pewter mugs because of the melting point of the metal. We recommend hand-washing all pewter barware with warm soap and water, then drying it completely with a cloth.

The Tumbler holds 6 ounces and measures 2 3/4 inches tall. 

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