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Art Glass Wall Clock


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Midcentury Pastel was first created by Nina Cambron in 2015. Soft, calming pastel colored fused glass is complimented by the horizontal orientation, making it perfect for contemporary interiors that mirror what we love so much about the '60s. Measures 16" wide, 6" tall and about 1" deep. "Fused glass represents an intriguing canvas of color and light for me. It's a fascinating medium rich with surprises. The richness, luminescence and depth of layered glass continues to intrigue me after over 20 years working in the medium. As a material, it forces decision making unlike any other. It’s frustrating and unforgiving. That said, I still love it and feel the excitement of opening the kiln after a firing. With a painter as a mother, I was brought up living & breathing color. With a father as a toolmaker, I learned a love of metal and how to make things. Combining these has driven my exploration into glass and what can and can’t be done. Stretching these limits is a challenge I embrace. Living in the Detroit area has given me the unique opportunity and availability of materials to encourage my exploration of combining metal with glass. Materials used in the automotive industry in furnaces and factories are readily available and custom made for my medium. I earned my BFA degree after studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the University of Michigan and continue taking classes, most recently at Pilchuck Glass School. I maintain a studio nestled between Ann Arbor and Detroit that houses 3 large kilns. I divide my time between my production line of clocks, tiles and wall art and my one of a kind pieces consisting of sculptures, lighting and experimental work. My work is sold in many galleries and stores throughout the United States and Canada, including the Artful Home and The Art Institute of Chicago".