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Three-line Sea Glass Chime


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or call: 734-761-1110
Handmade recycled glass chimes from Georgia. Eight circles in clear glass, with mixed colorful dots and a clear colored disk at the bottom make up this chime. All the fishing line used to hang it is UV resistant and will last for a long time. Jean and Ted Chalfant (founders of Bottle Benders) started making chimes in 1970. It is now a business that involves the whole family, "Our chimes are made from wine bottles that are sliced up and melted down.  Donna cuts up about a dozen cases of wine bottles a day.  The rings are then fired in a kiln to around 1500 degrees F until they melt flat. Shannon loads and unloads our fleet of 12 kilns everyday.  We make all our wind chime tops in house.  Ted preps the wood ones in our wood shop.  Christopher runs our PlasmaCam to cut out all the metal tops.  Christopher and Maura run our paint shop that produces all the bright rainbow circles.   Then all the pieces move to the front of house to get prepped to hang".