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Nuthatch Rusty Bird

The Nuthatch metal garden accent depicts an adorable small songbird by its defining features - a short tail and powerful beak and legs. The active stance is shown in the design truly brings the artwork to life! You can almost imagine the bird loudly calling or even taking flight from this powerful stance. The Nuthatch is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. This design looks best displayed vertically - consider installing it along a tree trunk, a window frame, or a fence post! Nuthatches are vocal songbirds commonly spotted among the woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere. Our design depicts their unique ability to perch with the use of their tail for balance, thanks to their strong legs! Nuthatches are also resourceful birds that wedge large pieces of food into tree crevices to eat more easily and make their homes out of tree holes often created by woodpeckers.

Dimensions: approximately 4" tall x 3.75" wide.

Made in United States of America