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Medium Acrylic Water Lily Stake

Color: Spectrum

Price:  $ 34.00 
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Handmade in Nebraska

These bright eye catching flower stakes bring a new fun twist to the traditional water lily flower. Three layers of fluorescent acrylic are laser cut and hand formed and bonded using an acrylic specific adhesive. The top two layers are hand molded to create dimension and realism. The unique transparent acrylic allows light to shine through which cast fun colorful shadows on the ground below. Being transparent (see-through) the layers of acrylic allow you to see the petals underneath one another and brings forth even more color variation when looking through them. 

Clear acrylic stem allows the flower to sway safely in the wind. Flowers are attached securely to their stem by extremely strong magnets which allows for safe shipping and replaceable flower heads incase of damage. Flowers are all weather durable and can be displayed outdoors or indoors in all seasons.

H- 5"
W- 5"
D- 1.5"
18" acrylic stem