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Brown Thrasher Rusty Bird

The Brown Thrasher Rusty Bird is a simple but realistic design that is brought to life through its defining features - its downward-curved bill to its long, pointed tail. The tilted silhouette makes it seem like this bird could take off in flight at any moment! It is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create a rusted texture and natural look. This cinnamon-colored bird is beautifully resembled by it's rusted finish. Display this on your front porch to look out over your yard and invite guests into your home. 

The Brown Thrasher is hard to spot. Its neutral-colored feathers blend well into the dense vegetation and shrubs where they often reside. It’s hard to notice their song, too, as they have more than 1100 calls, some of which imitate other birds! So, bring this elusive bird to your backyard through our Rusty Birds silhouette! 

This metal garden art is easy to mount with a 90° angled tab and pre-drilled screw holes added to each piece. Mount your product to a window, tree branch, pergola, fence, trellis, garden gate, or an old log in the backyard. So many possibilities. Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold the wing out to awaken its life-like charm.

It measures 5.5" tall and 7" wide