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Stiicks Frame


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This solid wood magnetic poster hangers work like a clamp, framing art at the top and bottom without damage. These frames are perfect for standard or odd size prints, posters, photos and linens. Install using screws, string (both included) or even 3M Poster Strips (not included).

Founder, Brandon Knowlden grew up about an hour north of Detroit Michigan. In the Spring of 2002, after a lifetime of remodeling homes, Brandon’s parents purchased a dilapidated cabin on several acres for their most ambitious rehab to date. In order to properly service the renovation, a wood shop nearly as large as the house was built. During the same period of time, one of Brandon’s four siblings was nurturing a young tree service into existence called Big Twigs. As the company grew, so did access to premium, local lumber.

In 2013, Brandon Knowlden founded Well Made after putting in nearly 10 years as an Art director in the advertising industry. Brandon cut his teeth refining thousands of ideas into careful crafted campaigns for brands like Porsche, Corona and Panera Bread. The time had finally come to begin using his creativity to craft something that lasted longer than a 30 second television commercial. And so, Well Made was born.