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Med Rect Footed Box


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Medium rectangular footed box with lighting rod lid. Crafted from walnut, cherry and bloodwood. Measures about 5.75" x 4" x 6" high

Randy Torno crafts these wonderful small boxes from a combination of woods, some exotic and others very familiar and locally-sourced. 

"A life-long Michigan resident born in Detroit, Randall Torno began his college studies in the field of art, but changed his focus to engineering, completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. 

Randall has always combined his artistic talents with a strong sense of design. Following his ten year tenure at Ford Motor Company as a wood model maker and process engineer, he was employed at International Engineering Solutions where he designed industrial equipment for over thirty years before his retirement in 2013. His artistic abilities span many media and forms including ceramics, painting, drawing and glass, studying at the Corning Museum of Art and the glass studio of the Toledo Museum of Art. 

During his free time, Randall has always focused his energies on major projects, first building award winning airplanes and next, award winning wooden boats. For the past ten years, he has researched historical as well as contemporary boat building techniques and styles, attending boat shows across the country. He has built several types and styles of boats ranging from an English birding kayak, canoes and kayaks, to unique scale model display canoes, to a reproduction Gentleman’s Runabout!" - Torno Boatworks