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Fanny Pack in Charcoal


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The fanny pack is a perfect hands-free bag for just a few items. Perfect for festivals, walking the dogs, outdoor parties, or every day!

Adjustable 3/4" strap adjusts to fit waists from approximately 30” to 48”, Features a railroad denim-striped divider inside. Approximately 10" wide and 7" tall. Model is 5’4” and has a 30” waist.

#8 Waxed canvas and lightweight chap leather.

 "I don't remember when I learned to sew. It was when I was very young, to be sure. My dad ran a canvas shop (making mostly custom boat covers and tents) out of our basement, and later a shop behind our house. The first year I worked for him I earned $ 4 an hour, each year afterwards I earned a dollar an hour more. Dad says that every time I got a new hobby I'd make a new bag for myself to carry all of my supplies. As an adult I started designing quilts, clothes, and bags as a way to step away from the computer at the end of my work days as a graphic designer. I hope my bags are useful and beautiful items that will last you for many years. It's my pleasure to make one for you". -Nick Wheeler, Founder Wheeler Bag Co.