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Mini Speckled Incense Tray

This incense burner is for either sticks or cones. It is part of Held's "form" collection, which focuses on shape and the contrast of glazed and unglazed ceramic. available in light or speckled stoneware. assorted sizes: diameter ranges from 2 - 3 inches handmade on a potter's wheel with stoneware clay.

Note: all ceramic items are handmade; slight variations in size and color may occur.

Drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the natural world, each piece of held pottery features a unique surface decoration that provides a tactile experience in addition to visual, encouraging your hands to enjoy each ware as much as the eyes.

My agriculture background keeps me focused on creating the best homes for your plants. My designs are constantly changing to be better for your plants and their health, while also providing them with a beautiful home.

Held is based in detroit, mi and owned and operated by carrie hause. After taking classes at pewabic pottery and oakland community college, what started as a hobby eventually turned into a full-time business. Production is currently based out of my studio space in hamtramck, mi