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Heart Soap Dish

Handmade stone soap dish. Choose either grey soapstone, or white marble. There is some variation, but the size is about 4"X4.5". Care: Hand wash.

Made in India

"India is well known for it's handmade textiles. The variety of traditional textiles and range of products is immense. I developed a passion for Indian textiles as a child when I travelled with my mother to observe these great craftsmen at work. This and the enthusiasm of the craftsmen producing them inspired us to start Natural Habitat. We started our business with certain objectives in mind : 1. To produce goods in regions with cottage industries where traditional production techniques are used. To help them sustain these industries and and allow the craftsmen to continue their trade profitably. 2. Use natural fibres for all textile products. All printing is hand printed, embroidery hand done, applique and cutwork hand cut and sewn. 3. Produce goods in as ecologically friendly an environment as is possible. In a situation such as this, where goods from a region are being sold thousands of miles away, there is bound to occur an evolution of these products into ones more appealing to that market. Our line too has immerged from its ethnic background to accommodate our customer. We have developed bedding and table linens in dyes other than vegetable dyes that require less care and are machine washable. It also gives us a wider range of colours to play with. However, all these developments are made in keeping with our objectives. We continue to work both with traditional techniques and current trends and demands".  Best wishes, Shaila