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Folding Beard Comb

This is a small handmade beard comb that is designed to look like a vintage straight razor. This unique comb is crafted with walnut or padauk scales which can be personalized with your favorite initials, nickname, or monogram. The bamboo comb blade conveniently flips out to reveal teeth to properly groom your beard and is appropriate for different phases of whisker growth. The smooth hardwood handle swivels 360 degrees, like a straight razor, to hit hard-to-reach areas and allow use with either hand while ensuring a handsome and healthy beard.Made from solid hardwood and 5-ply alternating bamboo layers that run perpendicular to each other for strength and durability, this little comb is pretty hardy and appropriate as an everyday carry.Folds neatly into its handle and rides well in your pocket or dopp kit. Guaranteed to tame the beard on any lumberjack, ship captain, or blacksmith.Approximately 6 1/4" folded. Handmade in Texas"At mini-Fab we make interesting things for interesting people, just like you.  Here in our shop, we consider the products that we create to be our own personal pet-projects.  These are the things we think are pretty cool and we hope that you will like them too.  Our personalized products are mostly small and unique conversation pieces that will make you the envy of all your friends – If you’re not already. I like to design unique pieces with a vintage aesthetic and the feel of something I would want in my own life. Hopefully, it will come across as something special and original that is made with care". - Matt McCoy, owner of miniFab