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Save The Bees Wall Art

The Save the Bees Wall Art features a detailed and realistic silhouette of the typical honeybee you’ll often see buzzing around your backyard! The design includes legs with accurate shape and texture, wings with cutout details that create a three-dimensional effect, and a circular border with “Save the Bees” stamped out in a bold font. Our artists then hand-paint the bee with beautiful accuracy. 

The Save the Bees Wall Art is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create the signature rusted texture and natural look. It would be the perfect accent along the exterior wall of a shed, on your back porch, or added to your interior wall decor!


To preserve the paint and protect your design for years to come, consider seasonally adding a coat of clear Satin Lacquer to your metal garden art. 

Dimensions: 12" diameter, the bee is welded onto "stilts" and sets 1" out from the ring

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