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Garden Sprinkle Seed Tin

Style: Lavender

Price:  $ 5.00 
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Handmade in Idaho
Think warm, Spring thoughts with these darling little seed tins! Each tin is 2" in diameter, and include a variety of seeds for a variety of conditions. The tin is recycled, reusable, and recyclable.

Seeds included:

Butterfly: 19 varieties of flower seeds, including two types of milkweed
Hummingbird: 17 varieties of flower seeds
Honeybee: 20 varieties of flower seeds
Lavender: lavender flower seeds
Milkweed: 8 varieties of milkweed and flower seeds
Forget-Me-Not: forget-me-not seeds
Sunflower: dwarf sunflower seeds
Wildflower: 14 varieties of flower seeds
Cat Grass: cat grass seeds
Clover: good luck clover seeds

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