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David Zinn is an Ann Arbor, Michigan artist
who specializes in whimsical, catch-them-if-you-can
sidewalk chalk drawings. They are never around for long,
so these prints and books are a great way to capture the magic!
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Jewelry Artists

Below is a sampling of jewelers we represent. Most of our jewelry isn't available for purchase online, because much of it is one of a kind and it sells to quickly for us to keep the site up to date. There is some jewelry that can be purchased online in the jewelry category below these images as well as some of our more consistently available pieces in other categories.

Please know that because most of our pieces are made to order by hand, it might happen that we run out of something on our site. We update it daily, but it may happen. If so, we will let you know right away and give you the option of a refund, waiting, or getting a similar substitute.