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8x8 Oak Park Frame
by Motawi Tileworks

The Oak Park frame is constructed of 2" quartersawn oak. The frame is flat with mitered corners "and" stapled joints "and" comes in an oak or Ebony finish. Oak Park frames are available with single openings "and", by special order, multiple openings.


Blush Genuine Leather Hatband
by Leah

Our 100% genuine leather hatb"and"s are h"and"crafted "and" h"and" dyed using an organic process by artisans in Puebla, Mexico. Available in two different sizes - 56cm "and" 58 cm, the styling possibilities are endless.


Rayon Velvet Tam
by Toucan Hats

Manufacturer #s: C1931000BO, C1931000UO

This velvet tam hat is a super wearable "and" packable hat option. It's the perfect hat for fall into the holiday season.


Felted Grey Teal Ombre Pet Cave
by Dharma Dog/Karma Cat

Manufacturer #: DDKC100(11)

Every pet dreams of a soft comfortable place to hide play "and" sleep. We love them because they are beautiful but animals love them for the lanolin which reminds them of the scent of their mothers.


Olive Wood Pepper Mill
by Medina Mood

Manufacturer #s: 42056, 42058

This individually sold pepper mill set is crafted from olive wood "and" is h"and"made. Each piece is unique in the grain "and" color of the wood. The stylish mill is versatile "and" provides fine salt or pepper with a slight twist.


Lattice Ceramic Tile
by One Acre Ceramics

Manufacturer #s: T-036, T-037

This modern tile design features a white daffodil on a matte blue background. The back of the tile is notched so the tile can hang on the wall.


Leather & Steel Frameless Print Display
by Barloga Studios

Manufacturer #s: 11112020, 555555555

This patented frameless leather "and" steel hanger offers an easy "and" inexpensive way to display Barloga prints without the hassle of custom framing. No damage is done to the print so that framing at a later date is always an option.

$22.40 - $44.80

Favorite Earrings
by Britta Ambauen

Manufacturer #: ESS420

Simple "and" stunning. Circles of sterling silver or 14k gold fill are half-hammered in Britta’s signature style, "and" paired with sparkling, organic Herkimer diamonds.


Kitchen Garden Candle

These c"and"les contain all natural soy wax cotton wicks "and" phthalate-free fragrances.


Wine Lover's Journal
by Inklings Paperie

Manufacturer #: J07

Take notes on the wines you taste with this journal for wine lovers of all levels. The Wine Lover's Journal was designed to make wine tasting "and" journaling accessible to all. Tasting cards include space to record "and" rate up to 48 different wines.