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Beeswax Wood Conditioner
by Thomas Work

Beeswax "wood" conditioner maintains and renews all of your "wood"en utensils/boards. Apply with a soft cloth and allow to dry a few hours or overnight, then buff. Use regularly for best results.


Teak Wood Tray
by ITZA Wood

A great functional piece. This solid teak "wood" tray with handles measures 17.5" long 12.5" wide and 2.5" deep.


Olive Wood Bowl
by Medina Mood

Manufacturer #: 31024

Each individually sold bowl is handcrafted from olive "wood". The unique reddish-brown grain with an irregular grain pattern makes this olive "wood" bowl a stylish addition to your table. The bowl is ideal for serving dips, cereal, salad and much more.


Narwhal Wood Earrings
by Unpossible Cuts

The unicorns of the sea or, wait--are unicorns the narwhals of the sky? Either way, these specimens belong on your ears!


Wood Necklace Holder
by Desert Accents

Take that jewelry box to the next level, and display your most precious pieces in a place where they can always be admired! I love these modern "wood" mountain necklace holders

$34.00 - $48.00

Wood Screen Prints
by Jeanne McGee

These handmade pieces are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota by screen printing in white onto reclaimed "wood". We love the variation of the "wood" that shows through.

$32.00 - $58.00

Michigan Wood Bookmark
by Thomas Work

From West Virginia "wood"worker Matthew Thomas comes functional beauty. He is a longtime favorite at 16 Hands. These Michigan bookmarks have become a favorite over the years. For both visitors and those of us who live in and love our Great Lakes State


Olive Wood Trivet
by Medina Mood

Manufacturer #: 83022

The square pot trivet is made of olive "wood" and is handmade, which makes each piece unique. The stylish trivet is practical, versatile and creates a warm Mediterranean atmosphere on any table. The trivet can be used for pots, plates, tea and coffee pots.


Michigan Wood Trivet
by G3 Studios

Manufacturer #: 700-053-CHR

A cherry "wood" trivet with a cut-out of the Great Lakes State! The inside edges of the design as well as the outside edge are darkened for contrast.


Pine Trees Wood Trivet
by G3 Studios

Manufacturer #: 700-171-CHR

A cherry "wood" trivet with a cut-out of trees. The inside edges of the design as well as the outside edge are darkened for contrast. Trivet is about 6.5" x 6.5" x .63"