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Tiny Vase Yellow to Blue Classic Flower

Big Tiny Vase hold a lot of visual impact in a small object


Sculpted Vase

Handmade in Canada


Peacock Feather 4x8 Tile

Manufacturer #: 4889

Polychrome Ceramic Tile Made in Ann Arbor MI


Three Tiny Circles Silver Necklace

Manufacturer #: 10921sn

Handmade in Oakland CA


Tiny Silver Bar Post Earrings

Manufacturer #: 9212SE

A brushed post earring design by Philippa Roberts


Tiny Wood Beard Comb

Handmade in Texas


Tiny Sterling and Vermeil Necklace

Manufacturer #: 6811n&V

A faceted pendant design by Philippa Roberts


House Planter in Oak

Handmade in Michigan.


House Planter in Walnut

Handmade in Michigan


Small Circle SS Post Earrings

Manufacturer #: ERCV

Handmade in Ann Arbor MI