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Mini Pewter Jewelry Charm
by Danforth Pewter

Manufacturer #s: 06-029-0375, 06-029-2596, ...

These sweet charms are solid pewter with lovely details. Add them to a bracelet, necklace, or use them for a craft!


Fulfillment Spiritile
by Houston Llew Spititiles

Manufacturer #: 238

Spiritiles are made by firing glass powders on copper until they become molten and fuse to the copper surface. Each is 8.5'' x 5.5'' x 2'', ready to hang.


Anniversary Gifts
Anniversary Gifts By YearBelow we've gathered both traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas, as well as the metal or gemstone associated with each. The links (in RED) with each will take you to suggestions when we show items online that might work for that year's gift. For more ideas, including items not shown on our web site, please contact 1....