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Crystal Cloud
by Sapphire & Sage

Get lost in a dreamy sky with these self-standing cloud "crystal"s. Each is roughly 2.75in x 1.75in. Each cloud will be slightly different because these are natural stones, and variation is to be expected.


Selenite Moon Phase Crystal
by Sapphire & Sage

Harness the power of selenite with this etched moon phase charging bar.This gypsum selenite from Morocco is amazing for energy clearing. Since these are natural stones each one will look slightly different. Roughly 8" inches.


Moon Phase Selenite Crystal
by Fractalista Designs

Manufacturer #s: 6, 8

These high quality selenite blades have a heavenly fiber-optic glow to them that makes them intriguing and calming to look at. Selenite is known as one of the only stones that does not hold onto energies, positive or negative.

$24.00 - $30.00

Moon Drop Crystal Earring
by Jax Kelly

Manufacturer #: 011922128178

A CZ-encrusted moon stud has a petite gemstone hanging from the center. Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz amplifies the essence of love and opens the heart on all levels.


Carved Crystal Worry Stone
by Sapphire & Sage

Soothe your worries away with one of these carved genuine worry stones. Approximately 2".


Carved Mini Crystal Owl
by Sapphire & Sage

The wise and silent owl symbolizes wealth, prosperity, wisdom, good luck, and fortune. They are often considered messengers, and encourage you to view your surroundings with new eyes. The little carved owl measures approximately 1/2".


Selenite Sacred Geometry Crystal Plate
by Sapphire & Sage

Harness the power of selenite with this etched sacred geometry charging plate. This image graphs the process by which all energy, when it is correctly aligned, continually is cycling, up and down and around, between spirit and matter.


Crystal Top Butterfly Wing Apothecary Jar
by Isms

Manufacturer #: M1S

These glass apothecary jars feature genuine butterfly wings; they are ethically sourced and never harmed. Funds conservation. Moth and other gorgeous real wings may be included. Bottle sizes may vary slightly. The "crystal" stopper is permanently attached.


Mother's Day Candle
by Jax Kelly

Prepare for Mother's Day with this limited edition candle. Hand-poured in a modern matte glass jar with a raw clear "crystal" point inside.


Carved Stone Mini Heart
by Sapphire & Sage

Take a little bit of love with you wherever you go with these sweet carved "crystal" mini hearts.

$7.00 - $10.50