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Puzzles were made for Snow Days!

We recommended puzzles around the holidays just for days like this! The number of snow days this year has set records, and if you don't have to go out, it's a great time to stay in for a fun challenge. Our selection of puzzles continues to grow, with a range of themes and difficulty. Simple puzzles are great for younger kids and can often be done in one sitting. Others are so challenging, it may require a group effort. So grab your favorite steaming hot beverage and scatter some pieces on the table - it's puzzle time!

If you're a fan of traditional jigsaw puzzles, we have a line made by someone who is a huge fan. Zen Puzzles look to the tradition of intricately cut wood puzzles. They are
 unique, hand designed, artisanal, heirloom quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles crafted with beautiful archival images, elegant designs, and wonderful, whimsical, figural pieces unique to each image. Designed for adults, but enjoyable for anyone (8+ recommended).

"Figural pieces, known as whimsical pieces (or “Whimsies”) in England, are one of the major features that differentiate the premium, wooden jigsaw puzzle from the die-cut, cardboard puzzle.  They were included in wooden puzzles cut in the early 1900’s and throughout the 20th century, but we take them to another level..." -Zen Puzzles

Made in the USA using eco-friendly materials, Zen Puzzles contributes a portion of their profits to extraordinary organizations working to restore the ecological sustainability of the earth and to improve the quality of life for all creatures living on it. 16 Hands now has many different designs in sizes from the teaser size at $16 to the large puzzle with almost 300 pieces at $95. Our in-store selection of images is greater than what you see online, so contact us if you're looking for a particular image. See our online selection HERE.

In the mood for something different? Creative Crafthouse of Florida make some of the most deceptively simple puzzles we've seen. At first glance you think, "cool - different woods cut into shapes...maybe it's a kids puzzle", and that's which is where you'd be mistaken. The reason are all those gaps between shapes. There's nothing to tell you what goes next to the piece you're holding. Solving the puzzle means getting ALL of the pieces back into the frame they came in. The set includes the tray and cover, along with at least 4 different woods. Each is 1/4” thick and sometimes includes a specialized acrylic piece. Each puzzle measures 7” square in the fame and cover. These contain small parts and can be difficult, so not recommended for young children. Find more of their puzzles HERE.

This studio also creates (and recreates) some great puzzles - some of their own design, and others as a nod to great puzzle designs of the past. 
Having puzzles around is just nice - always there to challenge you again, or bring out when you want to give the brain a nice workout. Find a few of your favorites and keep them handy - another snow day is probably just around the corner.