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Michigan Gifts

There are so many things to love about the Great Lakes State, we make sure to have a variety of Michigan themed items. If you're looking for something to help dine and entertain, consider a wood cutting board or serving dish. Both look great and make serving guests a little more special. If you're looking for other gift ideas that have a Michigan theme, see our MI Town section.

Maybe the idea is to give something that is MADE in Michigan. We have that covered as well. A lot of pieces we carry at 16 Hands were made in the state. Included in this are the wonderful kitchen towels and napkins by June & December. Wonderful designs printed on flour sack cotton and offered in a great variety of pattern and style. They offer wonderful botanical imagery on flour sack cotton in themes like "Eastern Wildflowers", "Monarchs and Mushrooms" and "Garden Herb". It's one of those practical things that people don't often get in a form that they really enjoy - just the basics. These towels get so soft though, they are a real pleasure to use - and the images can't be beat. A classic done well is always a big hit - weather that's for yourself or a nice housewarming gift. One of our favorite things is to help customers put together a nice small group of items along a Michigan theme, then use a June & December kitchen towel as gift wrap! Sometimes all it needs is to be gathered up and tied with a ribbon and you're all set! The gift looks amazing and enticing before it's even opened.

As well as love for our home state, there's plenty of love for our home team. Ann Arbor's own Motawi Tileworks offer a wonderful group of block M tiles make a great gift for your favorite Michigan fan. Ready to hang with a notch on the back, these thick hand-glazed tiles are a bright and lasting symbol of Wolverine spirit.

16 Hands is a great spot to stop before the game. Traveling light? No problem - we are always happy to hold or ship purchases. That way you have less to keep track of throughout game day.

You'll find lots of other options in the "MI Town" section of our site. There we've collected some of our favorite items made in or about our Great Lakes State. You'll be surprised how many different kinds of work you'll find that are made by creative people all over Michigan.

If you're a Michigan based craftsperson, get in touch. We are currently accepting new work only from local/regional makers. Even if it's not a good match for 16 Hands, we are always interested in knowing what our neighbors are making!